Filling the map one journey at a time

“I’d rather stay in on a Friday so I can fly somewhere on a Monday” 

As my wanderlust spirit grows the above has become my motto as I’ve learned I would rather sacrifice my weekend fun if it means more money to put towards my travel fund. I once read that you have to give up something awesome to get something awesome, and while I sometimes feel like I’m missing out on things like friend’s weddings, family trips, or nights out in Baltimore I remind myself of all of the amazing adventures I’ve been allowed thanks to Friday nights spent on my couch or picking up a shift at work.

I live my life working in order to be on vacation as much as possible, This mean taking advantage of almost every day off work even if it means a 24 hour trip to Vegas or to Miami. People constantly ask me how I’m able to travel as often as I do and the reality is that I want it bad enough so I make it my reality.

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